As Senpa A.Ş. we adopt “Simple Production” philosophy. To execute this philosophy we make use of “simple production techniques” such as;

1. Just in time production
2. Jidoka Autonomation
3. 5S: Sorting, Setting in order, Shining, Standardizing, Sustaining
4. TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)

In accordance with our quailty policy;

1. To provide on time production, delivery and after delivery service according to our contracts

2. To monitor competitive prices and market suitability of our products and services

3. To detect customer needs and requirements as fast as and as accurately as possible, to be in regular contact with our customers and work in harmony

4. To provide essential infrastructural investments, traning and infomation techonologies to our employees, in order to adapt technological innovations and also reinforce our competitive positon in the sector
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